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November 19, 2010 / pkdhodapkar

Technology and social change

Technology is known to be the enabler of organizational growth and economic growth in general.  It can also be argued that technological change brings about social change. One of the best examples of this can be given in the context of Indian society. Manual scavenging was known to the worst curse on human society, and was eliminated with the widespread use of modern toilets. Other social agenda such as gender equality and literacy and public health can be achieved through introduction of suitable technologies. The reverse is also true. That is, the diffusion of technology is best facilitated by social acceptance. Many technologies are often opposed even if the benefits of implementation are known. The opposition to the computerization of banks in India and the worldwide opposition to the GM foods are well known examples. The discipline of S&T communication is aimed at engaging the society in a meaningful and continuous dialogue in order to minimize the friction between scientists, policy and rule makers, social activists and people at large.


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