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September 30, 2010 / pkdhodapkar

Nature’s ways of doing things

Everything in the nature appears to be very static. Nothing can be farther from the truth.Standing in front of the window overlooking the garden, I often wonder how dynamic and well coordinated the natural changes are. New leaves and flowers appear on the trees at just the correct time. Almost instanteneously, all the natural agents swing into action. Light, wind, rains, bees and insects, .. all play their designated roles in bringing about the change. Even the waste is taken care of very well in the nature’s scheme of things. All the fallen leaves or twigs or logs become either ‘useful’ material (for building nests) or become food for the nature’s scavengers like fungi. Thus at every stage of  seasonal changes and life, the trees have a synergistic relationship with the different organisms. Well, almost… Human beings are different. The pace at which human beings alter the nature’s scheme of things speaks of one thing- greed. Nature has its own ways of getting even. If the effect of the tsunammis, earthquakes, floods, landslides is any indication, the chance of humans controlling everything around them is very remote.


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